What it is:

  • Clik provides instant fit capability without cables or computers, and without having to learn any new and complicated software. Instead, everything you need to program the hearing aid is on board the processor. A hearing aid stethoscope is the only tool you really need, other than your finger, to cycle through available algorithms that are embedded in Clik’s unique digital processor core.
  • Clik allows you to tailor your fitting approach to the interests and capabilities of each patient. You can select and apply acoustic parameters for your patients, or you can empower your more tech-savvy patients to select the parameters they like in real-life listening situations.
  • Clik is liberating. Since you’re no longer tied to a computer, Clik allows you to fit patients at your practice location in simulated environments or off-site, in your patients’ own environments.
  • Clik increases patient satisfaction. Study after study in the medical field shows that patient involvement increases positive outcomes and patient satisfaction with products and services provided.
  • Clik provides an effective and efficient way to fit the patients you see most often– those with a mild to moderate hearing loss.  You’ll have more time to spend with those patients who present more challenging hearing conditions.
  • Finally, don’t let the price mislead you. Clik incorporates leading-edge, premium technology and includes several industry firsts.

What it isn’t:

  • Clik is not a wireless device or a wireless programming interface. Rather, a variety of acoustic algorithms are pre-loaded on the processor. You access each algorithm by clicking the rocker switch on the processor.  It’s called “ClikFit® Programming.” In effect, the microchip in Clik’s processor serves as your computer.
  • Clik is not an over-the-counter, internet, or mail-order hearing aid. It is available only through licensed hearing healthcare professionals, with fitting and sales accomplished through face-to-face consultation between end-users and providers.