Why choose Clik®EZ?

We believe that while the technology behind a modern digital hearing instrument is incredibly complex, the fitting process doesn’t have to be.

Thanks to advances in microprocessing, everything you need to fit your patient is loaded on board Clik’s premium digital processor. So you fit without connecting to a computer. (You access and choose the programs by “Clik’ing” through sound-coded options using a rocker switch on the hearing aid.)

Clik makes same-day fittings a snap with an open-fit thin-tube. Alternatively, for more gain, Clik can be fit with a traditional earhook and custom earmold.

Clik represents the ultimate in portability. Since you’re no longer tied to a computer for programming, you can fit Clik wherever your patients are.

Choose from three models: Clik EZ (omni-directional), Clik EZd (Quiet and Noise) or Clik EZd+T (Quiet and Noise plus T-coil.)

All models feature layered noise reduction, adaptive feedback cancellation, and either 4 channels (EZd & EZd+T models) or 2 channels (EZ model) of WDRC with dynamic contrast detection for better performance in noise.

As a professional, you can appreciate the technology that’s inside Clik. Your patients will love it for the way it sounds.

Finally, it’s easier than ever to give your patients what they need to hear better, at a price you’ll both love.

Clik gives you the edge you need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, pleasing even your most cost-conscious patients without sacrificing quality.

Clik Fitting Range